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Play On The Plains Festival will operate a cashless digital currency for the 2024 event, to ensure compliance to Covid-Safety, speed of service, increased security and ease of transactions at the Bars and Food Outlets.


All food and drinks purchased will need to be paid for using the simple, tap-and-go Festival Currency Wristbands.



Can I use cash to pay for food and drinks if I haven’t purchased Festival Currency?

Play On The Plains Festival is a ‘cashless’ festival. In other words, to buy food and drinks at the event you’ll need to use Festival Currency as CASH WILL NOT be accepted by vendors.

Where can I purchase Festival Currency?

Festival Currency can be purchased at the festival or to save time and queuing, pre-purchase Festival Currency when you purchase your ticket online via 

Please treat Festival Currency and your ticket/wristband as cash.


How Does Festival Currency Work?

Festival Currency can be purchased when purchasing ticket/wristband online prior to the festival or on the day at the festival site, wristbands can be topped up at currency stands. You can buy Festival Currency using debit or credit card. The wristband you will receive contains a chip, which can be read by the vendor’s scanning device, that deducts a set amount depending on what you purchase. It’s so simple to use, let the vendor know what you would like to purchase. They will ring up the transaction on their device. Then scan your wristband against their device and bingo, transaction is complete, start enjoying your food and beverages!


How much should I put on my Festival Currency Wristband?

We would recommend a minimum of $50 to be pre-loaded onto your wristband to maximise your experience at Play On The Plains Festival.

How do I know how much is remaining on my wristband?

You can simply ask any vendor how much credit you have remaining by scanning your wristband, or doing the same at any Festival Currency Booth. After each transaction, the vendor will also show you the balance on your wristband.

Cool, but how much do I pay for this?

That’s easy: A one-time activation fee of $2.50 is deducted from your initial top-up. This small cost pays for the wristband you will receive, it covers all of your credit card fees and ensues the festival can operate a Covid – safe event, understanding the movement of its patrons throughout the venue. Unlike an ATM fee that is charged with each withdrawal, this is a once off fee that covers the cost to remain Covid safe in its entirety!


Can I get a refund on any Festival Currency I don’t spend at the event?

Yes you can!

Make sure you keep your wristband. Head to the Play On The Plains website from:

Monday 11th March (9am) to Sunday 24th March (11pm)

Simply enter your full name, email address, BSB, Account Number as well as the RFID and 4-6 digit serial number printed on the plastic chip on your wristband and hit complete!

Your refund will be processed back into your bank account within 14 working days

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